software, jobs - September 27, 2019

Windsor Software Companies & Jobs

I thought it might be useful to compile a list of local companies in the Windsor area that have software or web developers on staff. The purpose of the list is to help people get to know our local software landscape a bit better, but also to help students and anyone else who is looking to get into the field.

Windsor isn’t known as a tech city, but the software industry is growing and there are opportunities around, if you know where to look for them. Unfortunately, many people just aren’t aware, and don’t know where to look for them, so they assume they have to head out of the city.

Note 1: I only have a vague idea of what many of these companies actually do - if you want something a bit more accurate, check out their websites or get in touch with them, rather than relying on my description.

Note 2: This is of course not a complete list, but it does include the majority of local software companies.

Pure Software/Tech Companies

  1. BorderConnect: Provides software to help highway carriers submit their eManifests, making border crossings easier.
  2. Halight: A software company that provides tools around learning management and training development of employees.
  3. Wired Solutions: A software company that appears to focus on custom web development, with a special focus on healthcare and education in government.
  4. Red Piston: A custom development company with a focus on mobile and media.
  5. Noodle: Provides intranet software for the enterprise.
  6. iDream Interactive: Mobile games developer.
  7. Coulter Software: A general software consultancy with no particular specialty.
  8. App Nouveau: A custom software agency that appears to specialize in transportation management software.
  9. Progressive Software Inc.: Enterprise software solutions in the agriculture industry.
  10. Splice Digital: A software agency
  11. Elev8: A Web Agency, specializing in WordPress development, hosting, and maintenance
  12. Full Circle TMS: A startup in the transportation management industry
  13. Eleven Winds: A software consultancy with specialties in e-commerce, warehouse management, and electrical utilities. This is where I work! Among other things, We handle all development for Utilismart, which is the team I run.

Companies With Some Developers on Staff

  1. Green Shield: A health benefits company with a large office in Windsor including a development team.
  2. AlphaKOR: A full service IT company, they handle everything IT including custom software development.
  3. Windsor Mold: In the tooling and automotive plastic molding industry, but has a software group in Windsor.
  4. EasyInsure: A full service online insurance broker.
  5. Essex Energy: An energy technology company, providing engineering services for electrical utilities, generators, and consumers.

Other IT Companies

  1. Next Dimension: Next Dimension does primarily managed IT solutions, networking, server management, etc. To the best of my knowledge they don’t do any significant software development.
  2. Netmon: Network and IT services

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